Distinguished industry heads join David Morley Architects’ Green Sky Thinking Event

Many innovations have been made in new low carbon buildings. However, the majority of buildings we live and work in will still be in use far beyond 2050. In recent years designers have realised that if we are to arise at a low carbon future, addressing the existing building stock is paramount.


The panel of distinguished industry professionals will draw from a diverse portfolio of projects looking at the challenges of retrofit from a unique and individual perspective: from the 67 acre commercial King’s Cross Central redevelopment led by Argent to Grosvenor’s exemplar low-carbon residential development at 119 Ebury Street.


Speakers include:

James Starr - Grosvenor

Morwenna Wilson - Argent

Joel Gustafsson - Max Fordham

Jennifer Juritz - David Morley Architects


Please join us to debate the design challenges and opportunities offered for retrofit in 2014.


RSVP to rsvp@dmarch.co.uk (please include your name, position, organisation and contact details)