Brierfield Mill

This project presents a stunning opportunity to bring Brierfield Mill back into use and restore it to become a much loved focal point in the borough of Pendle. To achieve this, creativity has to go hand-in-hand with a deep respect for heritage combined with an acute sense of realism – economic viability is a major driver.

The masterplan  proposals include the regeneration of retained and adapted mill buildings, new housing, outdoor recreation, ecological improvements and enhancement of the areas image.

The masterplan has been prepared in partnership with Pearl 2, a joint venture with Pendle Council and Barnfield Investment Properties. That is an integrated approach – architect, engineer and landscape architect and developers all working together with one common purpose.

The proposals are also being developed in consultation with English Heritage. Through a structured process of dialogue and communication, using techniques such as BIM, the Brierfield Mill Masterplan will provide a pivotal case study for future mill regeneration with an emphasis on environmental as well as social and economic sustainability.