Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel, Loughborough University

The Elite Athlete Centre is a world-class venue promoting rest, relaxation, nutrition and sporting excellence. Set in the heart of Loughborough University’s world-leading sports facilities, this inspiring high-performance environment offers aspirational space for athletes to be the best they can be, adding to Loughborough University’s world-class facilities for sports students and elite athletes.


The centre coupled with the sporting facilities on campus supports quality accommodation in 44 bedrooms. 20 of these are equipped with altitude living technology that creates climatic conditions up to 5000 metres to support athletes undertaking altitude training, allowing occupants to live and sleep at high altitude and train low. Whether in preparation for competition, building performance and fitness, or recovering from injury, there are multiple benefits to sleeping at altitude. Sleeping at high altitude can stimulate the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin (the protein inside red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body). When athletes return to sea level, their bodies have an increased oxygen-carrying capacity which means more oxygen can be delivered to their muscles. This makes exercise more efficient and can have significant performance gains.