National Cricket Academy

This indoor facility is the largest bespoke cricket training centre in the world. Measuring 70m x 25m, there are six lanes and the hall is long enough to accommodate a fast bowler run-up bowling to a wicket keeper standing back. The Hawkeye tracking system has been installed as a coaching aid in each lane. At one end of the hall is a three storey pavilion with balconies, galleries and terraces having views to both indoor and outdoor cricket. The pavilion accommodates a fitness, conditioning centre and changing rooms with a recovery area including hot and cold spa baths. The facility also offers office accommodation, a “performance analysis” suite, video library and seminar rooms.

The programme for this project was extremely short, and a highly specific building had to be produced. Similarly the budget was very tight. Ultimately £1,000,000 was cut from the construction cost whilst remaining true to the brief and completing on time.