Nursery Ground Development at Lord's

These proposals will use the space above and below the Wellington Road frontage at Lord's to create three times as much space for cricket related uses. A residential development of two mansion blocks above will generate a cash windfall of £100 million for MCC to fund some new stands. The development incorporates new MCC facilities worth £35 million including an undercroft broadcasting compound, parking and service area, and a new north gate with a further £15 million of benefits in kind amounting to £150 million overall.


The centrepiece of the proposal is a new two storey Nursery Pavilion which preserves a gap between the Nursery Ground and St John's Wood Church Gardens and creates a dramatic new entrance with wider pavements making Wellington Road a friendlier and more cricket focused frontage.


Subject to the necessary approvals from MCC and the City of Westminster work is planned to start on site after the 2019 World Cup and to be completed in 2022.

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