Thames Lodge at St Bernard's Hospital

Thames Lodge is part of the redevelopment programme at St Bernard’s Hospital in Ealing, London. The unit sits alongside the existing regional secure unit (RSU) and Wells Unit surrounded by a secure perimeter with one single entrance to create the Three Bridges Medium Secure Campus.

The Medium Secure Unit has been designed to be both safe and inviting, creating a therapeutic environment in which patients can recover and prepare to move on. The new unit contains five wards, all with different colour schemes chosen by service users, which will help people find their way around the new unit.

The 8,000 m² adult men’s unit is arranged in a series of five 'fingers' which extend from the north wall/circulation spine into the garden space between the new building and the existing RSU and Wells unit. This layout allows for a significant new area of garden space to be created between the 'fingers', including five ward gardens, a large central communal garden, a multi-use games area and a horticultural area. The building design also includes two roof gardens with seating areas and trees. 

As part of their recovery journey, patients will be asked to participate in at least 25 hours of meaningful activity a week. To help them do this, Thames Lodge houses a ‘community hub’ – the Riverside Centre, also designed by David Morley Architects. This central zone offers a range of activities which will provide people with numerous work and training opportunities, all aimed at helping them to manage their condition and return to the community.