The Campus, Locking Castle

The inspiration for the Campus Project in Locking Castle, Weston-super-Mare, came from a vision about how schools fit into society. The brief was to provide primary education facilities for what was believed to be the largest housing development in Europe. The client was North Somerset Council and they had high ambitions for it to exemplify a vision for future schools.

The brief included a new primary school for 420 children, a 26 place nursery; an integrated 67 place severe learning disabilities school catering for 3 to 19 year olds; an adult education college and a host of community facilities from a library to a skate park to be provided on a constrained site adjacent to the commercial centre of Locking Castle.

Often the inspiration for a project comes, not from a written brief, but from conversation, in this case it was with Russ Currie, North Somerset Council’s project leader, who said that in his view “a school should be a community building that just happens to be used for education.”