The Maplethorpe Building, St Hugh's College

The Maplethorpe Building comprises 100 bedrooms, teaching, common room and catering facilities. This sustainable design has been widely acclaimed and was one of only two projects in Oxford to be commended in the bi-annual Civic Trust Awards. In 2002 the building also received the Oxford Preservation Trust Award. The client wanted the building to be as flexible as possible to ensure it could be used in future for different student needs or activities. To keep costs low the design included as much pre-fabricated material as possible, whilst still allowing for customisation by the students and an eighty year design life. A detailed daylight study was carried out to ensure the bedrooms and study areas received the right amount of daylight to make ideal learning conditions. Bespoke modular furniture was designed to allow customisation of the bedrooms by the students. All of these factors made the building very high value for money.